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Next General Meeting: September 26th, 2017 at 6:30pm

ruled line

Dear CTPC Members,

Please join us for next week’s meeting Tuesday, September 26th, 6:30 pm at the United Congregational Church, 275 Richards Avenue, Norwalk.

This month we have a featured presentation.

6:30 7:00 Opening discussion which might include, time permitting:

Hacks these have been all over the news lately (Equifax, the SEC.) Is it incompetence, or worse?

Uber looks like they’re getting the British boot. Did they take unfair advantage of technology?

Applenew stuff. A $1000 phone that probably won’t change the world ... a watch that connects to data without the need for a phone, but not very well yet. Is Apple giving us things we need or appealing to our need to have things. We’ll take a serious and a comedic look at all this. (For some thoughts on buying a smartphone see Richard Frisch’s blog.)

7:00 8:00 The History of Recorded Sound. Richard Frisch is putting the finishing touches on a presentation he’s scheduled to deliver to some area organizations. We will be the first!

Most of us never think about recording sound. Yet, it permeates our modern lives. Recorded sound is science, art, and big business.

Richard will explore the history of recording and playing sound, which brought us the soundtrack of our lives. He will look at the people, their inventions and the companies they created.

The talk covers five eras of recorded sound:

Before Edison (1857 - 1877)

The Acoustical Era (1877 - 1925)

The Electrical Era (1925 - 1982)

The Digital Era (1982 - today)

The Neural Era (the future)

8:00 8:30 Q&A

After the meeting we’ll adjourn to Uncle Joe’s for pizza and refreshments.

See you Tuesday ...



President, CTPC
Connecticut PC Users Group



 If you are interested in attending our meetings, check out our message board at http://ctpc.proboards.com for more information.

Don’t forget our new location: the United Congregational Church of Norwalk on Richards Avenue (directions here). Pizza and refreshments at Uncle Joe’s will follow. CLICK HERE for directions from the church to Uncle Joe’s.

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