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Next General Meeting: August 22nd, 2017 at 6:30pm

ruled line

Please join us for next week’s meeting Tuesday, August 22nd, 6:30 pm at the United Congregational Church, 275 Richards Avenue, Norwalk.

There’s plenty of news in the tech world these days and here are a few topics we’ll try to address:

Dear CTPC Members,

How many versions of Windows 10 do we need? (and there are many)

The Microsoft Surface is being panned by Consumer Reports are they right? If you have a Surface let us know your first-hand experience.

Strong passwords the rules we thought were iron-clad (upper and lower case letters, symbols, etc.) may be out the window according to the guy who wrote them.

Altice’s bid for Charter Communications what might it mean for us?

There were news reports recently about an “acoustic attack” at the Cuban embassy causing loss of hearing but no technical details is this “fake news?”

Aetna, the health insurer, has been in talks with Apple to provide free or discounted Apple Watches to its 23 million customers as a member perk. Could they be planning to monitor our health? ‘Ya think?

Financial apps what do you use? In the early days of CTPC we were all amazed by a shareware program whose name I can’t recall (do you?) Then many of our members reported switching to Quicken as that app became more robust. But now maybe it’s overkill. With the advent of online banking and data downloads, how many Quicken features do we actually need besides the ability to categorize expenses for tax purposes? For instance, do we really need linking between accounts and the ability to balance a checking account? Meanwhile there are now tons of mobile apps for tracking financial information. Thoughts?

And who knows what else might surface (no pun intended) by next Tuesday. All topics are fair game.

After the meeting we’ll adjourn to Uncle Joe’s for pizza and refreshments.

Enjoy the solar eclipse and we’ll see you Tuesday!



President, CTPC
Connecticut PC Users Group



 If you are interested in attending our meetings, check out our message board at http://ctpc.proboards.com for more information.

Don’t forget our new location: the United Congregational Church of Norwalk on Richards Avenue (directions here). Pizza and refreshments at Uncle Joe’s will follow. CLICK HERE for directions from the church to Uncle Joe’s.

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